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Shifting my

Jul. 23rd, 2012 | 10:36 am

I decided to set my blog to private only for me to read and leave it as nothing but memories of my past.

I have good and bad memories about my past. man, when i look back to this LJ, i really feel that i am really a  happy-go-lucky person who doesn't care much about the world.As i grow older, i stop updating my blog post in LJ. i open blogger and type out my craps inside there. i realize i type alot of sad,emo,pathetic stuff inside. It really give me a huge impact of changes in my life.
For now, i try to change my lives to be a better person. probably it take longer times to kill my habit? I don't know.

i would like to thank my readers and spammers to keep me track on my journal, because i almost totally forgot my LJ still exist here.
Nevertheless, i will shift to Blogger because i prefer the setting in there :D

This is my tumblr, Mind you, i seldom update because i have things to settle , but i promise i will come back to update more!



My new cosplay account from deviantart
I wouldn't say that i wont come back to LJ anymore, i will come back to read back my old blog post for the fun. haha,feel free to drop comments if you like, i try to reply when i have the time :)



Apr. 26th, 2007 | 09:32 am
mood: cheerful cheerful

I join Ten-pin bowling club,the teacher ask us to bring badminton racket (ten-pin bowling bring badminton racket to play XD lmao) well,yesterday rain heavily,and the hall was occupied by the badminton club. the teacher asked us to play in the classroom,and yes,its my friend's class room... we put all the chairs and the table away and then we started play badminton XD
hmm... nothing much,i can't describe how we play ^^" but i had lots of fun yesterday XD until my friend accidentally hit my shuttlecock through the window,and there's no way we can get it back XD lol... yeah for saturday,im going to labuan and buy lots of chocolates *_*
but i pray that it wont rain on saturday and sunday ~!

1st time writting a journal in live journal :D

Apr. 3rd, 2007 | 03:13 pm
mood: okay okay

Yesterday i get 1st in my Anti-drug art competition, lol,then i was choose to wakil my school to compete with all the other school.
I'm not really happy with my prize,because my art is incomplete n yet i get 1st O_o lol?
yeah,i get number 1 in my class,i'm glad that i pass my subject X3 nothing much to say,kinda busy with all my darn homework and tuition X3
What's the best part is my enemy get 2nd XD lmao,well who care's about her X3